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4 Things I Learned During the 2014 Holiday Season

1) When playing Scrabble SLAM with the fam….wait…don’t play Scrabble SLAM with the fam. And if you decide to, don’t start the game with words like “jump”. Or “very”. Because you can only change one letter at a time, you will … Continue reading

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5 Reasons Why Single People Don’t Want Your Unsolicited Advice About Their Lives

Edited versions of this post were published on VerySmartBrothas 11/13/14 and BlogHer 11/14/14. If this piece strikes a nerve, it probably should. You’re the “you” I’m talking to. (In other words, a hit dog will holler.) If it doesn’t strike a … Continue reading

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Say My Name, Say My Name: A Parent’s Guide to Kid-Naming in 2011

Sorry. I had to put this picture here to get your attention. We will discuss him later. So….I’ve had discussions with many people over the years about names and my thoughts on names. Some were surprised by how opinionated I … Continue reading

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