Stop telling girls that they can be anything they want when they grow up.


It has been the topic du jour for seems like at least the past 365 jours. Because it is all up and through every blog, website, book, tweet, TV talk show, TV news show, college tour speaking circuit, book club meeting, brunch discussion, etc. etc. ETC., I figured maybe I should have an opinion. I’m not known for being opinionless on most matters, so why start now?

So I started doing some research on exactly what feminism is because I thought I knew and thought I was a feminist, but couldn’t understand why this topic was SUPER hot as of late. defines feminism as “the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men.” So it’s like DUH of course I’m a feminist, right? I mean based on this definition, I would think that EVERYONE would be a feminist. (Just go with me on this…) So if everyone is a feminist, then why do we even need to talk about feminism? But then you have idiots like THIS who remind us why we still need to talk about feminism. But the feminist movement of 2013 and 2014 seems very different than in previous decades and I assume that this is due, in large part, to the omnipresence of social media.

I’m conflicted. For example…

1) I think our country is LONG overdue for a woman President. And I think any of these chix would make pretty cool Presidents…

Wait…how did Yonce’s picture get in there!? That chick is EVERYWHERE!

2) Oh yeah, I use words like “chick” and “broad” in regular conversation. Like a lot. So there’s that.

3) I think that when a woman marries, she should take her husband’s last name.

4) But if the marriage unfortunately ends in divorce, generally speaking (not absolutely speaking), I don’t think a woman should be expected or rather REQUIRED to relinquish that name. A scene from What’s Love Got to Do With It (though fictional) comes to mind; when Tina Turner (Angela Bassett) is in the courtroom and proclaims that her husband Ike Turner (Laurence Fishburne) can have the money, but she’s keeping her name…<–THIS!

5)  I LOVE the 300 Sandwiches chick’s website and the whole concept behind it. Honestly, if someone were to tell me to make him 300 sandwiches and he’d propose (and make me a housewife, not just a wife), I’d make him 300 sandwiches TONIGHT. Every piece of pumpernickel, rye, sourdough, croissant, multigrain, mustard, honey mustard, spicy mustard, mayo, ketchup, horseradish, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, swiss, cheddar, muenster, mozzarella, provolone, tuna salad, chicken salad, shrimp salad, turkey, ham, pastrami, roast beef, peanut butter, honey, strawberry jelly, grape jelly, orange marmalade, you want it toasted, you want the crust cut off…

6) Way way back when ringtones were still cool, I had THIS as my ringtone. IT WAS MY JOINT!

7) And long after ringtones weren’t cool anymore but I still had them, THIS was my ringtone. It, too, was my joint!

8) I love rap music. I can’t express to you how much I love it. Every misogynistic, disgusting, disrespectful bit of it. And I revealed HERE how I struggle with this. But if you notice, there hasn’t been a part two to this post. Because I haven’t fully been able to figure this one out. This is a 20+ year habit so it hasn’t been easy to kick.

This is what the dashboard in my car looks like. picture via

This is what the dashboard in my car looks like.
picture via

9) I believe that there are clear man/husband duties and obvious woman/wife duties. For example, right now, I need gas, an oil change, a new battery, air in my tires, two other things I’ve yet to identify, and new windshield wipers. And have for a couple of months now. I think that those are the kinds of things that men do better. Meanwhile, while he is taking care of my car, I’ll be at home baking him a cake.  

Men don't let this happen to windshield wipers. Hercules + Pax + Titan

Men don’t let this happen to windshield wipers. Hercules + Pax + Titan

              10) Half the stuff the Twitter feminists tweet makes me cringe (like THIS for example). The other half (like THIS) I usually retweet.

11) I believe that we should wear bras, not burn them. And we should shave our armpits because if we don’t, that’s just gross. And I love GIRLS, but I think Lena Dunham should always wear clothes. Always, always, ALWAYS. I know she has the right to not wear clothes and I know a lot of very strong women fought for her to have that right. But she should wear clothes. And keep them on. ALLLLLLZ the way through the episode. Like every episode. Because otherwise, it’s gross.

12) I’m not a fan of public breastfeeding. I mean, I’m just not. It grosses me out. And every time I try to be open-minded and confront the (possible) flaws in my thinking, people go do stuff like THIS right here. And it completely closes my mind again and makes me throw up in my mouth.

13) Sarah Silverman is a natural born fool, so I have to quote her sparingly. But she said something that I really like: “Stop telling girls that they can be anything they want when they grow up. I think it’s a mistake. Not because they can’t do it, but because it would have never occurred to them that they couldn’t in the first place.” I agree wholeheartedly. And I would put that on a t-shirt if it wasn’t so long.

Sooo does this make me a moderate feminist? A bad feminist? Or a person who still doesn’t fully understand what it means to be a feminist? Thoughts?

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11 Responses to Stop telling girls that they can be anything they want when they grow up.

  1. f4ischer says:

    There is a LOT of truth to this!!!


    • Was starting to wonder since I brought up some controversial issues. What of this can you relate to?


      • f4ischer says:

        Well first of all, I live in Detroit so I am surrounded by rap music and I love it. 🙂 And I was married for five years to an abusive husband. Doing what a normal wife is supposed to do making sandwiches and being a betty homemaker. That got me nowhere. So I can understand both sides of the spectrum. BUT I am no pro woman anti man either.. There are some things that having a husband benefited me—If I had a car issue or an issue around the house it was handled. There are some things that because I’m a woman I don’t want to do and I shouldn’t have to do. Now that I’m single I just pay people to do the man work so to speak. And I agree about breast-feeding in public. A lot of my friends do it and I can’t judge them. At the same time it is offensive to some people. Some people go to dinner with their children and they don’t want their children to see another woman’s breasts…


  2. Great post sis! I loved it!


  3. hermitsdoor says:

    Yo, Girl, Do you need a Man’s view on this? Well, considering that no one thinks that I represent the average man in the USA, I’ll pass on that. I hate fixing the car, but I still take it to the shop. I’m Mr. Neaty-Neat, so I do laundry, vacuuming (what’s dust?), scrub toilets & tubs, and wash all the dishes my lovely wife generates while cooking for me. No sandwiches, Darling, but she is Hot with the Crock-Pot. Love is not a duty. But, domestic chores do need attending to, in our household, by whoever is better at doing them, or gets irritated sooner about what was left undone. Can we be anything in our lives? Probably not, but we can be something. The trick is finding what we are good at, developing that skills, and maybe generating some income thereby. So, are those chicks (your word) on the side borders, rolling up their sleaves to get into changing the oil in their car, or giving me a suggestive gesture?


    • Oh, Oscar. I always enjoy your colorful comments! The chicks on the side will be gone as soon as I publish my next post. I’m trying this new thing where I change the background to match whatever I’m writing about at the time. But I’m wondering if it makes things too “busy”…


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