“I’m fine. And you?”

When I Google "confused/surprised GIFs",  I get this...

When I google “confused/surprised GIFs”, this is what I get…

So the other night, I was grabbing takeout at a restaurant in my neighborhood. The usual crew there knows me pretty well so when I walk in the door, they start preparing my food before I even order because they already know what I want. I’m usually in and out like clockwork. On this particular occasion, though, there was an entirely new crew…new person taking the order, new person filling the order, new person taking payment at the register. I go to check out and the conversation with the cashier goes a little something like this:

“Is this all for you today?”


“Do you need utensils?”

“Yes. Thanks.”

“And how are you doing today?

“I’m fine. And you?

“Well, I’m feeling kind of weird because one of my co-workers just called me a female’s name!”

“Oh?”   (**Please note, that the cashier didn’t say that his co-worker called him the female dog name, I just assumed the worst.  So, of course, I’m thinking, “This man just called you a b!tch…DEMS BE FIGHTIN’ WORDS, SON!”)

“We were working and talking and all of a sudden he calls me Brandi! I don’t know why he did that…my name is Brandon!” he said, pointing to his name tag.


“And he did it in front of all the customers. I don’t know why he did it. But when I called him out on it, he just laughed. He didn’t say he made a mistake or anything!”


“So anyway, I don’t know how I’m doing.”

“Oh. Okay.”…………[Insert looooong awkward pause here while I think of something appropriate to say.]……………………………. Okay, so, I never thought of anything. So I said, “Can I have some napkins? Thanks.”


After I walked out, soooo many things ran through (and are still running through) my mind. Is this situation funny or tragic? Or both? Funny because I was COMPLETELY caught off guard by his response and initially thought I was being “punk’d” and didn’t know if he was even serious since he seemed to be laughing as he recounted the story. Tragic because there could have been greater implications behind the whole conversation and because I wasn’t privy to them I don’t fully know how I should feel. Should I have asked more questions? Am I over-thinking this? What would you have done? Do you think the cashier was looking for sympathy or advice? Should people expect an earful (I mean, a REAL earful) when they ask “…and you?” Is this a common courtesy that should STOP being extended if you aren’t prepared for the possibility that someone might respond with something other than, “I’m fine, thanks.” The next time I’m in the restaurant, should I ask dude how things played out? TELL ME HOW I SHOULD FEEL in the comments section!

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9 Responses to “I’m fine. And you?”

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  2. hermitsdoor says:

    Sometimes you just want, “How are you today”, “Fine”, rather than the true story. Sould I call you “Sonny”?
    Oscar (try to feminize that name)


  3. The One says:

    Recommend you mind your business. Next time you roll in and you see the same crew, act like it never happened.


  4. trej says:

    Hahaha! Oversharing strangers are hilarious. Usually I just respond with a “Oh. Really? Yeah. Uh huh. Wow, man…yeah. Well have a good day.” That basically works for any situation.


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