5 – 7 signs that I worked entirely too hard this week

If I were to keep a journal, my entries might look something like this…

Monday, p.m.: My eyeliner has moved. And I don’t mean my eyeliner pencil has moved, I mean the eyeliner on my face has moved. When I put it on this morning, it lined my eye. Now it’s up under my eyebrow. Boy, oh, boy. It’s gonna be a long week.

Tuesday, p.m.: I only have on one earring. I hope that I left the earring on my desk by the phone. Maybe it’s in the car somewhere?

Wednesday, a.m.: The earring isn’t in either place. I really liked those earrings. Sad face.

Why, hello there, occifer! OF COURSE I saw you approaching!

Wednesday, p.m.: I drove almost all the way home without the use of my side-view mirrors. I push them in every morning when I park in the garage to prevent passing cars from knocking them off or scratching them. I made it half way home and was about to change lanes to exit when I realized that they were STILL pushed in. PANIC set in! I thought “OMG! I’m NEVER gonna be able to exit!! I will have to stay in this lane forever until the gas runs out! By then, I might be in North Carolina! I have cousins in North Carolina. Maybe I should call them and tell them that I’m coming?” But then it occurred to me that I could just turn and look over my shoulder, out the back window…just long enough to change lanes and exit. So I decided to do that.

Wednesday, p.m. again: I FORGOT to get my hair done! I normally go the same day every week. I missed this week because I slept through the appointment. And I thought it would be okay to let it ride another week. Only that appointment was for a relaxer. So imagine how hard I’m kicking myself right now.

Wednesday, p.m. again and again: I may have also forgotten that I had a blog. I was given a friendly reminder that I’ve been neglecting it…I had to remember what she was even talking about.

Thursday at the butt crack o’ dawn, a.m.: I’m up writing this blog post. Trying not to forget that I can’t go back to sleep after this. I have to get ready for work. I have to get my mind right so that I don’t have another day like this.

Here’s to hoping Friday is better! What have you guys been up to this week? Fun stuff? Work stuff? Family stuff? Let me hear from you!

picture via Suburban Men


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19 Responses to 5 – 7 signs that I worked entirely too hard this week

  1. RP1496 says:

    Wow your Wednesday afternoon/evening was eventful in a way that I don’t think that it should have been!!


  2. So feel you re: the side view mirrors as I’ve had that happen to me too. It’s funny how we’ve gotten so accustomed to them. Gasp at the missed hair appt. I don’t know what I would do 😦 I hope the rest of your week gets better 🙂


  3. Sugamama says:

    My week was crazy too. I have three MAJOR projects going on. All at very critical points. I don’t know my hand from my __. You can fill in the blank. We still have another day to get through. My eyeliner may be lip liner by then. Straight tired!


  4. I didn’t work too hard this week – my silly azz is running on E since I insist on watching the Australian Open live, between midnight-3am. Then getting up at 6:30. i have no one to blame but myself


  5. A wonky life makes for great writing material. Sometimes that’s the only thing that keeps me sane when things go all zany around me! 😉


  6. ceezpaul says:

    Always so funny :). A good laugh on a quiet Friday morn. Be blessed


  7. C.D. says:

    Psst! Someone thinks you’re kewl… Check it out (this isn’t a spam, btw, lol) http://christchicmagazine.com/2012/01/relationship-and-reader-diversity-thats-what-its-all-about/


    • Wowowow! What a flattering and unexpected piece! I am very grateful to you for the recognition and for the bloggy friendship we’ve established. You are a great writer with such a good voice. I am honored that you think the same of me!


  8. Hmm… let me see.. what have I been up to this week… Oh, yes. Discovering your blog and that you’re way funnier than me and that I hate you a little. (Though my eyeliner does look spectacular.)


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