July came in with a bang!


Life happens when you’re trying to blog! Holidays happen…sleep happens…work happens…life happens…ice cream happens…wait, what was my point?

Anyway, just a quick note to say that I miss you guys (do you miss me?) and I will be back next week. I promise you, July will not disappoint! A few things you have to look forward to: How to be an Effective (Non)listener, Sonya’s LEAST Favorite Things (not to be confused with Sonya’s Favorite Things – Part 1 and Part 2), and Introverts vs. Extroverts and Why I’m Sick and Tired of having this Conversation (please note that the titles of these posts are still a work in progress!)

So PLEASE stay tuned! And have a great rest of the week!


About Magnet for Foolishness

Resident of the DMV…and my incessant thoughts. Always hungry. Comedy craver. Ice cream freak. Reality TV show junkie. Slightly opinionated. Rarely wrong. Part Lisa Simpson. Part Sue Sylvester. Part Meredith Grey. Renowned chef and baker…avid gardener…pet lover…sometimes liar. Effortlessly forgetful. Always hungry. Blindly hopeful. Easily embarrassed (NOT). Eerily observant. Searching for something. Disregarding parallelism. Chronically tardy. Ruthlessly impatient. Surprisingly affectionate. Unnecessarily long-winded.
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