Ice Cream Dreams?

I even attract foolishness in my sleep.

So here’s the deal — I have pretty vivid dreams. One of my exes used to call them “ice cream dreams” because he remembered that my craziest dreams would occur when I had eaten ice cream that day. And they would be crazy, too. I would wake up and be like “OMG!! Are you having an affair with Halle Berry?!?!” And this would be after he and I fell asleep together on the couch watching a movie. And not even a movie with Halle Berry in it. And not even a deep REM-level sleep, when dreams are supposed to occur. Actually, these were more like cat naps.

There are a couple of people who are always present in my dreams: (1) LL Cool J, (2) Brandy Norwood, (3) some other celebrity (dead or alive) whose name includes either James, or Brown, or both (e.g. Rick James, James Brown, Bobby Brown). I have been unable to figure out exactly why THESE people make appearances! And, as I’m typing this, I just remembered that LL Cool J’s real name is James. Hmmmmm…..

In addition, there are a couple of elements that are present in almost all my dreams: a long set of stairs (and when you finally reach the bottom or top, there is nothing there) and a lot of clouds. In tandem, this might be symbolic of something (stairway to Heaven?) but when you add Bobby Brown to the equation, that obviously makes interpretation slightly more, umm….difficult.

Once in a while, I’ll have a dream where I’ve somehow managed to lose all my teeth. But it’s unclear if I lost them due to decay, aging, or a fight. Or if I had them all pulled on purpose (though I can’t figure out why I would do that.) But anyway, I will be COMPLETELY toothless. Not a tooth in my head! Lately, I’ve also had a recurring dream about failing a college chemistry class — which I guess wouldn’t be that weird, except I graduated from undergrad 9 years ago! And I never took chemistry in college. And the professor in my dream is a woman who currently works at my job. I’ve gone to the professor repeatedly to ask her to cut me some slack…but she won’t budge. And like all my other dreams, there is no resolution. I keep having it and it starts at the same point and ends at the same point every time.

So what say you? Can you interpret my dreams? Do you have vivid/foolish dreams like I do? Have you had an affair with Halle Berry lately? Let me hear from you!


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13 Responses to Ice Cream Dreams?

  1. RP14 says:

    So I have had varying degrees of the Chemistry class dream and all of these dreams were well after undergrad. They are very stressful and in fact might occur during times of high stress at work!!

    I think its interesting that people with the same names keep ended up in your dreams. I also think that that needs further exploration


  2. RP14 says:

    I will also proofread next time 🙂


  3. Sugarmama says:

    I can’t say that I’ve had dreams that strange, but I did dream I adopted another rottweiller. While this might not seem crazy to a normal person, it’s insane to me because I already have 125 pound rottweiller named Moe! Managing him is just like having another child. He requires care, feeding, walking, attention, healthcare, etc… OMG!! Need I say more —yes — my hands are already full with two delightfully dramatic daughters and husband who travels extensively. I need to wake up from that dream! Somebody shake me or slap me please…..


  4. I read once that the dream about losing your teeth is a common one, but I forget what it represents. In my dream, my teeth progressively break into pieces as I chew. It seems to take place over a few days.


  5. AQuinn says:

    When I add Bobby Brown to the equation I start to think more about other forms of things that are white…not clouds! I hate when I wake up from a dream and I try to remember it but something happens the moment I open my eyes and everything is forgotten. I guess I should eat more ice cream.


  6. Sumer says:

    Stairs represent a journey and the clouds, ambiguity. The professor who is a woman at work, depends on her job title and how it relates to you professionally. Either way, you are needing some reprieve at work that someone either knowingly or unknowningly won’t grant you.


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