Some people say cucumbers taste better pickled.

If you recognize the title of this post as a Dave Chappelle quote, then you are a true fan. And you might miss him and his corresponding show as much as I do.

One of my favorite skits from his show was when he was having dinner at a restaurant, daydreaming about random things while someone was talking to him.  I have a little familiarity with that…

I was conversing with a young man earlier this week who tried to convince me that Joe Jackson was a good father, and further insinuated that Janet and Michael Jackson’s success in the entertainment industry was due almost completely to Joe Jackson and how he raised them. I also think I remember him saying that more fathers should be like Joe Jackson…but I’m not sure…I’d retreated to my happy place not long into his monologue because I didn’t care for what he was saying and was trying to not take it personally. But it was hard. This IS Janet and Michael we’re talking about. So, as he continued to talk forever and ever, I hung out in my happy place where I had all kinds of random thoughts reminiscent of some of the foolishness I’d encountered in the prior week. Like how……

……I watched this lady working at the Waffle House make some sweet tea in a bucket that looked like just hours before, it had been used to hold mop water. Plus, it was 50 percent tea and 50 percent sugar. No joke. I ordered Mr. Pibb.

……One eyelash on each of my eyes curls in the wrong direction. 

My eyelashes should look like hers. But they don’t.

……Sometimes people’s super duper positive Facebook statuses annoy me as much as people’s negative ones. Don’t get me wrong, the occasional happy thought or encouraging word is alright. But everyday? C’mon now…


 …….I was rollin’ down the street, minding my own business, when I passed a doctor’s office called “Infant Jesus Children’s Clinic”. No. I’m not joking. Yes. I, too, immediately thought about the dinner table scene on Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.

……This is still a thought-in-progress, so I’m not sure if I really think this yet, but there is something about Chester Cheetah that reminds me of Chuck Brown. Could it be the sunglasses? Or the general coolness….(For those not familiar with Chuck Brown or not living in the DMV, he is regarded as the Godfather of Go-Go music. See below)  

Chuck Brown

Chester Cheetah









  …..I didn’t know you could make your own stop signs…..until I rolled up on a homemade stop sign. Besides the fact that it was red where it was supposed to be white, white where it was supposed to be red, and spray-painted, it almost looked like a regular stop sign….

Taken with my BlackBerry 2/19/11


  …..Jersey Shore’s Snooki said something last week that I can’t remember word for word and that makes me mad.  That’s what I get for not making it my Facebook status immediately! It was something like “I don’t like to work because I don’t like working.” Or maybe “I don’t like working because I don’t like to work.” Either way, it was pretty profound if you ask me. And I couldn’t have said it better myself.


 Foolish readers, what has made you have to go to your happy place recently?  😉



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Resident of the DMV…and my incessant thoughts. Always hungry. Comedy craver. Ice cream freak. Reality TV show junkie. Slightly opinionated. Rarely wrong. Part Lisa Simpson. Part Sue Sylvester. Part Meredith Grey. Renowned chef and baker…avid gardener…pet lover…sometimes liar. Effortlessly forgetful. Always hungry. Blindly hopeful. Easily embarrassed (NOT). Eerily observant. Searching for something. Disregarding parallelism. Chronically tardy. Ruthlessly impatient. Surprisingly affectionate. Unnecessarily long-winded.
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5 Responses to Some people say cucumbers taste better pickled.

  1. Cardell says:

    This post was hilarious! I couldn’t stop laughing. Was this young man a date?!!!


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  3. HUGE uncontrollable LOLs!
    Snooki sure IS some kind of an enlightenment thinker..hence her huge
    Your post made my day!


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