Sonya’s Favorite Things – Part 1

So even though we’ve never met and don’t know each other, Oprah is kinda my girl. I LOVE the fact that she can say something like “Everybody should eat snow” and the next thing you know, you’ll see people standing outside looking up to the heavens with their mouths open at the slightest prediction of winter weather. All because Oprah said to do it. Such power! I’m not there yet, but for anyone who cares, here are a couple of my favorite things….more to come….

1) Oprah’s hair. I have been stalking this woman’s hair for the past 7 years. I figured that this was much easier than stalking her whole life.  Even after the whole Chris Rock thing, the jury is still out onwhether her hair is actually her own hair that she grows from her own roots (personally, I think that it is) but I LOVE it. Oprah herself has said numerous times that her hair is real and it looks the way it does because she’s got people on staff whose sole job in life is to take care of her hair. Clearly, I’m not there yet.



2)  Sunglasses. It took several people calling to my attention (several times) that I wear sunglasses ALL THE TIME. outside. inside. wherever. I didn’t even realize it, because it’s so natural to me. Not sure when it started. But I looked back at several of my Facebook profile pictures and yep. I wear sunglasses a lot. I’m sure I wasn’t outside when I took all these pictures. And people often take their sunglasses off when they take pictures even when they’re outside….so you can SEE THEIR FACE. Guess I missed that memo. And now I feel like I can’t see if I don’t have them on!




3) Seltzer water. Since I was a little girl, I’ve always loved seltzer water. My parents loved it, too; so we usually had some in the house. The lemon-lime seltzer water is my favorite and pretty much tastes like Sprite without the sugar. I love the fizz! It is SO strong! When I drink it, I feel refreshed and invigorated. When it goes on sale, I try to stock up for months!

4) Spring. Mid-late spring.I love this time of year because you don’t have to wear coats and scarves and gloves and things that itch. I’m not complaining since we’ve only had one snow so far and I fully understand that there is a legitimate reason why we have seasons. But seriously, I’m already over winter. Especially these EXTREME winters. And I wanna wear flip-flops. I don’t like socks. They itch, too. But now that I think about it, with Spring also comes allergies…..


5) One-liners.  Some of the best one-liners come from reality TV shows. And since I tend to OD on reality TV, here are a couple that caught my ear this past week (note that some of these one-liners are more than one line):

“I can borrow those, cuz we wear the same size earrings.” – Shay to Brandy, Family Business

“To me, divorce definitely has some negative connotations….”- Jennifer, Basketball Wives

Kim Z to NeNe: “Hey! Come in…you look great, do you want something to drink?” NeNe to Kim Z: “Yeah, I want something to drink, and I want something to eat, too!”—NeNe Leakes, RHOA (I put this in quotes, but I might not have the exact quote…but you get the point).

“There’s nothing like a nice herpe to ruin the party.” -Pauly D, Jersey Shore

“Can you hold my hair? I gotta throw up.” -Snooki, Jersey Shore

“I mean, this situation is about to be indescribable…you can’t even describe the situation you’re about to get into the situation.” -Mike “The Situation”, Jersey Shore (please note: This is NOT a typo, this is exactly what dude said.)

“Sammi has a crush on me… it goes back to the days of prehistoric kindergarten.”  -Mike “The Situation”, Jersey Shore


 There have also been some non-reality TV sources of comedy for me this week:

“Medicare is the great thing about turning 65.”—AARP commercial.

“Sometimes the maintenance men on the elevator at work smell tired.” –Co-worker and friend, “Sugarmama”

6) Follow-through. I’m going through the process of trying to clean out my purses, clean up my desk, etc. I can’t tell you how many business cards I’ve found….some from people I remember, some from people I don’t remember. Some from people I followed up with and never heard back from, some of whom I never communicated with again. So follow-through is one of my new favorite things because I feel as if so few people follow through these days. I definitely could do better at it. Honestly, if no one has the intention of following through, you should just say, “Here is my card. I’m giving it to you because….well…that’s just what you’re supposed to do at events like this.”

7) Proofreading. Funny thing about spell check…it only catches misspelled words, not misused words. So you can’t always rely on it.I used to pride myself on being able to catch errors. Actually, I still do. But I’m not as good at it anymore. I’m gonna attribute it to aging and also to my growing impatience. I was looking back through my previous blog posts and found a couple that had anywhere from one to three (or maybe more that I didn’t catch) typos in them. There was one that had two typos in the same sentence! Do you know what “….don’t get made when you’re looking for something at its still wet….” means? Of course, what it should have said was “…don’t get mad when you’re looking for something and its still wet….” And maybe ‘its’ was supposed to be ‘it’s’…I’m not sure. But punctuation doesn’t count anyway, so whatever. Oh wait, maybe that’s a grammar issue, not punctuation. Whatever.

8) Shirts that have sayings on them. No long, drawn out explanation for this one. I just like them.


9) People who recycle. You should recycle. You just should. If you don’t care about the planet for yourself, PLEASE think about your unborn kids and grandkids and great-grandkids. They will need air to breathe and water to drink, too. There is no excuse….if you can throw something away, you can just as easily recycle it.

10) Christmas movies. Every year around this time, I bust out the two Christmas movies I own and watch them. “Bad Santa” is probably one of my favorites. Actually, I consider it a classic. If you haven’t seen this movie once all the way through, you’re missing out on a treat. I have “BadDER Santa” so it has extra scenes that the original one doesn’t. It is terribly bad…and I love it! (Sorry. I couldn’t find any appropriate pictures to use for this movie.)

I also watch “The Holiday” which isn’t the best movie, but there are certain scenes that really touch me. The other movie I laugh until I cry. This one I cry until I…..cry.

11)  Jamie Foxx. I love comedy shows and concerts and I LOVE THIS MAN. So I don’t know how I’ve managed to never see him perform. The closest I’ve ever been to him was looking at the JumboTron at President Obama’s inauguration. And I know what all of y’all are thinking….“why Jamie Foxx?” Right?  Well, I have three words for you…or actually, one word, a symbol, and a number: Unpredictable #11. At that point, he was forgiven for both Wanda and Booty Call.  And there is very little he has done since then that I didn’t at least like, if not love. Whether justified or not. Unpredictable. #. 11. Nuff said.


Sooooo……I’m spent. I don’t have any random or deep thoughts for this week. But I am very interested in knowing YOUR thoughts! What are some of your favorite things?


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12 Responses to Sonya’s Favorite Things – Part 1

  1. Dariel says:

    Ok so one of my favorite things are black stageplays. Good casts, good messages- however, I’m not really sure how to feel about the scores. I find myself thinking- wow he-she can sing, too bad the song isn’t more catchy. And, “although I love this play and would buy it, I don’t necessarily feel the same about the soundtrack-score!” Not sure if I was supposed to post this here, but it just felt like the right thing to do. Oh and thanks for blogging-truly enjoying it.


    • Ok, this will make the THIRD time that I’ve tried to respond to you…hopefully, this will go through. Thanks, Dariel, for your feedback and your participation. If you are in Nashville, maybe I’ll see you when I’m home for Christmas.


  2. Favorite things:

    TURTLES… not the animal. The flavor combination: chocolate, caramel and pecans whether its ice cream or candy or the mixture of both. Good stuff!!!

    Purple- the new black. It fab!!! I pretty much like all shades of purple except lavender…

    Mexican food- cheese and sour cream (enough said)

    Flats cause I am pigeon toed and wearing heels higher than ‘kitten’ height is dangerous for me and anyone around me.

    El Debarge- not really into the ‘light bright’ men, but this man is a genious musically and he still has it! His new album, “Second Chance”, stays in my cd player whenever I am not listing to his mixed CD that I made.
    *Which leads to my favorite song off the new album, “How Can You Love Me
    So Much”
    *Favorite songs by him period: “Second Chance”, “Time Will
    Reveal”, “Special Way”, “A Dream”, “Stay With Me”


  3. Sumer says:

    One of my favorite past times is reading novels. I read Roots in a week (and we all have seen how thick that book is). If it’s a good read, I can’t put it down and not come back to it. If it is really good, I’ll read it again and again. Book I’m re-reading now, The Da Vinci Code. Classic.


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  8. Cjay says:

    You forgot to add “who gon check me boo” to your one liners. Lol


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